ZXA Insignia

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The ZX Clan Army (ZXA) is an organization that was created in late 2010, and is yet to undergo its initialization project, as such, the army contains no members or units currently. The army is the main land-based force of the ZX Clan, and is used for ground offence and defence. People of the ZX Army are called soldiers.


As the ZX Clan is dedicated to defence, the army will be used in defence of allied countries, or on peacekeeping missions. The ZX army is the main land-based branch of the ZX Clan. It may be used offensively, although this will usually happen in defence of whatever ally asks for its deployment. It is primarily used to keep the land safe, and in the event of a major war, or invasion on allied territory, the army will back itself into a defensive position, and defend the allied territory, while the marine corps will do the army's main offensive job. This scenerio, however, is highly unlikely.


In late 2010, the ZX Clan split into four branches, with the ZX Clan's organization turning into the ZXMC. In october, the ZXAF was formed, along with the ZXA and the ZXN in November. Currently, the ZXA has no major command, and is still being built up and prepared, with no proper units yet.


Wrangler J8 light utility vehicle -Chrylser Corporation (Jeep)

[Modified] Wrangler J8 light assault vehicle -Chrysler Corporation (Jeep)

[Modified] F-Series F350 field ambulance -Ford Motor Company (Ford)

[Modified] Dodge Sprinter repair truck -Chrysler Corporation (Dodge)

[Modified] Dodge Sprinter intelligence truck -Chrysler Corporation (Dodge)

Buffalo MPV mine protected vehicle -Force Protection Vehicle

M1A2 Abrams MBT man battle tank -General Dynamics Land Systems

AN/TWQ-1 Avenger anti-air tank -Boeing Company

Cougar AVGP combat support vehicle -General Dynamics Land Systems

Weapons and EquipmentEdit


M1911A1 pistol -John Browning

M16A4 assault rifle -General Motors Hydramatic Division

M27 IAR light machine gun -Heckler & Kotch

M249 SAW light machine gun -Fabrique Nationale de Herstal

AUG A3 bullpup assault carbine -Steyr Mannlicher

Barrett M82A1 sniper rifle -Barrett Firearms Manufacturing

GAU-2B/A gatling gun -General Electric

SMAW rocket launcher -Talley Defence Systems

L9A1 mortar cannon -FN Minimi

M224A1 mortar cannon -United States


M67 fagmentation grenade -Canada

M84 stun grenade -Picatinny Arsenal

M203 grenade launcher -AAI Corporation

Retired EquipmentEdit


Units and FormationsEdit


Senior LeadershipEdit

Currently, the ZXA doesn't have a proper leadership. If it did however, the senior leadership would contain a commander in chief (officer), a senior enlisted advisor (enlisted), and a primary representative (usually officer). All of these members would be part of the top brass. The rank of the commander in chief is general (or field marshal in wartimes]], while the SEA (senior enlisted advisor) is usually a sergeant major. The SEA is usually given the honourary title of sergeant major of the army, along with a Union Jack underneath the usual insignia.