ZX Training Vessel (MM-710)

A battle fleet is a rather large naval formation. It is essentially just a small fleet, that is more commonly used for engagements. Battle fleets almost always have a mix of capital and non-capital ships, as they are one of the larger naval formations, and they need the versatility of a wide variety of vessels. Like all other naval formations, the crew size usually varies too much to even tally an average. Battle fleets are composed of smaller task groups and compose larger fleets.


A battle fleet is composed of two to four task groups, and will usually contain capital and non-capital ships. A battle fleet may range from eight to sixty-four vessels. As such, a battle fleet can use task groups from different admiralties, which mimmick the air force's air force units. Commonly, a battle fleet will be led by a vice admiral. Like all other naval formations, battle fleets aren't permanent and may change their contained vessels on a moment's notice.


A battle fleet contains two to four task groups, and a fleet contains two to four battle fleets. The organization of naval formations is usually kept in a smiple two to four subordinates per unit style. Task groups will next-to-never have only capital or no capital ships, they will almost always have a mix of both. Usually, battle fleets will be the largest naval formations to operate together, it is extremely rare to find an entire fleet in one engagement. A battle fleet is usually numbered within its branch.

Marine CompanyEdit

It is common to find marines aboard any ship that is larger than a minesweeper, although it is not that common on submarines, as they are usually underwater. These marines range from one platoon to a little more than a company per ship. In a task group it is common to find a brigade, or two to eight battalions led by a brigadier general. The marines in a battle fleet is usually considered a division, and is led by a major general. The number of marine battalions in a battle fleet usually ranges from four to sixteen, although it is rare to end up above ten, due to the way the ships are usually mixed.

ZX Clan Naval UnitsEdit