Colour Sergeant (abbreviated CSgt) is seventh lowest rank in the ZX Clan Marine Corps. Colour sergeant is a NATO OR-7 rank and is the equivalent of the army's master sergeant. Colour sergeants are generally company sergeant majors and don't usually hold any other titles.


In infantry, a colour sergeant will usually be a company sergeant major. The company sergeant major is in charge of the general training and discipline of the troops under his command (basically all enlisted members within a company) and usually acts as a father-figure to do their job most effectively.

As company sergeant majors, colour sergeants will always have the same armament in an infantry company as in a support company or even an armoured company. A colour sergeant's armement usually consists of an M16A4 assault rifle, an M1911A1 pistol, two M67 fragmentation grenades and two M84 flashbangs.

In an armoured company, a colour sergeant will be the driver, gunner or loader of an M1A2 Abrams MBT, even in a support company. The crew chief in said Abrams will be the company second in command, and the other two drivers/loaders/gunners would usually be privates, lance corporals or corporals. The twin, or sister, tank would contain the company officer commanding, the company quartermaster sergeant and two other dragoons/cavaliers.


French: Sergent-maître (Master Sergeant)

German: Hauptfeldwebel (Sergeant Major)

Italian: Sergente maggiore capo (Chief Master Sergeant)

Irish: Sháirsint Complachta (Company Sergeant)

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