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Fireteams are small four-man teams that are the smallest infantry units in both ZX army and ZX marines. Fireteams are used in standard infantry elements.


Rifle fireteams contain four members, the grenadier, the rifleman, the machine gunner and the light supportsman. The commander can assume any role, but is usually assigned the grenadier position. Other fireteams, such as intelligence, sniper, anti-tank, machine gun, etc. are usually all equipped with the same arms and all perform the same role (sniper, medic, anti-tank rifleman, etc.).

Fireteams are led by lance corporals and corporals. The lance corporal is in charge of the Delta Fireteam of their section, and are also the second in command of their section. Meanwhile, the corporal will command the Charlie fireteam of their section, as well as their section.



In infantry, fireteams are used as small attack teams. They are generally deployed with at least a platoon and are essentially manoeuver units of sections. On an operation fireteams usually stay close to their sections and will sometimes break into small "assault groups" during firefights.

Standardly, all the members will be armed with a Browning M1911 pistol sidearm, and two or more grenades and stun grenades. The grenadier will be armed with an M16 with an under-slung M203 grenade launcher. The rifleman also uses an M16, while the machine gunner uses an M249 and the light supportsman uses an M27.

Infantry SupportEdit

In support, fireteams are either part of mortar, anti-tank, machine gun, engineering or sniping platoons. In all of these cases, members will be armed with a standard set of two stun grenades, two frag grenades and a pistol. Along with this they will either have an assault rifle or a specialized weapon that varies depending on their role.

In mortar, anti-tank and machine gun platoons, all members of a fireteam will be armed with an assault rifle. In mortar platoons, one member per fireteam (typically the commander) will carry around the L16 mortar and the team will operate it with one spotter, one loader, one gunner and the crew chief. In machine gun platoons, fireteams will typically carry two GAU-2 machine guns each and operate with a loader and a gunner each. Finally, anti-tank platoons will operate with two launchers per fireteam in a similar way to the machine gun fireteams. In this case, teams will either operate an FIM-92 anti-air launcher or an SMAW anti-tank launcher.

In engineering and sniping platoons, members are not armed with assault rifles. Instead, a combat engineer will wield an M4 carbine and a sniper will wield an M82 sniper rifle. Sniper fireteams will usually work in pairs of one sniper (shooter) and one spotter.


There are two fireteams per section, and each is designated either Charlie or Delta. The Charlie fireteam will contain the corporal, while the Delta fireteam will contain the lance corporal. Fireteams invariable contain four soldiers or marines.

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