ZX Training Vessel (MM-710)

Flotillas are small naval units, which contain non-capital ships. These ships range from hunter/killer submarines, to lean destroyers. Flotillas contain a massively varying amount of crew, due to shipboard crew sized varying from ship to ship.


A flotilla usually contains one to four task elements (a.k.a vessels), sometimes more, though rarely over eight, and they are all non-capital ships. Usually, non-capital ships (like frigates, corvettes, submarines, and destroyers) are commanded by commanders, effectively removing captain from any flotilla. A flotilla will usually be commanded by a commodore, a rank which also leads squadrons.


Flotillas contain two to four (rarely more) task elements, or in other words, vessels. These vessels are usually non-capital ships (like submarines, corvettes, frigates, destroyers, etc.), which are led by commanders. These commodore-led flotillas mirror a capital ship-composed squadron. Flotillas are usually named after seas, lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water. For example, a flotilla could be named the Châteauguay Flotilla, named after the river in southern Québec.

Marine CompanyEdit

Generally, ships will contain a group of marines (from a platoon to a company), and that form a total unit in the flotilla. Usually, in a flotilla, there will be anywhere from one company to an entire battalion, or even a little more.

ZX Clan Naval UnitsEdit