GAU-2 Minigun
A GAU-2B/A in use during a training exersise


Gatling type heavy machine gun

Place of Origin

Flag of United States
United States


General Electric





Length (Barrel Length)

801.6mm (558.8mm)


7.62x51mm NATO


Electrically driven rotary breech

Feed System

Linked belt (200+ rounds)

ZX Service History

2010 - present

The GAU-2 is a belt-fed, electrically-operated heavy machine gun/gatling gun. It is used by ZX Clan army and marine corps machine gun sections.

Product InformationEdit

The GAU-2 was designed by General Electric (GE) in the United States during 1960. Production of the gun commenced with the GAU-2/A in 1962. The GAU-2 has many variants, with mainline ones being the GAU-2/A, the GAU-2A/A and the GAU-2B/A. The ZX Clan currently uses the GAU-2B/A.

Technical InformationEdit

The GAU-2 weighs a heavy thirty kilograms (sixty-seven pounds) and is around eight-hundred-two millimetres (about thirty-two inches) long. The GAU-2 uses 7.62x51mm NATO rounds red into the side of the gun via a linked belt that usually contains at least two-hundred rounds. New rounds are pumped into the firing chamber by an electrically-operated rotary breech. The gun comes with a detachable tripod and is designed to be either set up or installed almost anywhere.

Service HistoryEdit

The ZX Clan began using the GAU-2B/A in 2010, and continues to use it today. Two guns are given to each machine gun fireteam, designed to be operated by two men. One carries the gun and a bit of ammunition, while the other carries the tripod and a larger amount of ammunition. Once set up, one man operates the gun, while the other loads it and sometimes calls out targets. This is done in both army and marine corps machine gun teams. The GAU-2B/A has yet to be used in a war.

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