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A group is a large temporary unit, which contains two to four wings (ninety-six to two-hundred-fity-six aircraft). It is the second largest temporary unit, next to a tactical air force, and may contained mixed types of aircraft.


A group contains two to four wings and contains multiple airbases. Along with these wings, a group also contains a command staff. The command staff consists of the quartermaster (master warrant officer), a signals officer (master warrant officer), an intelligence officer (master warrant officer), a medical officer (chief warrant officer), an administrative officer (chief warrant officer), a second in command (wing commander or group captain), and a commander (group captain or air commodore). Typically, in a group with two or three wings, a group captain will be the commander, and have a wing commander as his second in command. When a group has three or four wings, the commander will be an air commodore, and the second in command will be a group captain. Although this pattern can change depending on the amount of personnel in the wings, and the commanders of said wings.


A group's role is mainly to provide offensive and defensive airbourne forces in a given region. These regions are usually large, but they vary depending on the size of the group and the amount of forces needed. A group's command staff mainly acts as the administration for multiple airbases (wings) in a given area.


A group will contain anywhere from two to four wings, and will be led by a group captain or air commodore. In turn, a group is part of a tactical air force, and there will usually be two to four groups within said tactical air force. While a wing mimmicks a station, and a tactical air force mimmicks a command, a group does not have any permanent counterpart. Groups usually contain mixed types of aircraft, as they act more like a regional administration than an actual attack force. Groups are numbered within their tactial air force, and are designated by their region. For example, a group could be designated First Air Group France, if it were being deployed in France.


2-4 Wings (48 to 64 aircraft)

3 Master Warrant Officers

2 Chief Warrant Officers

1 Wing Commander/Group Captain

1 Group Captain/Air Commodore

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