M203 40mm Grenade Launcher
Dismounted M16 grenade launcher attachment


Semi-automatic, single-shot grenade launcher

Place of Origin

Flag of United States
United States


AAI Corporation


M203 (1969)


1.36kg (Empty)

Length (Barrel Length)

380mm (305mm)


40x46 SR



Feed System


ZX Service History

2010 - present

The M203 grenade launcher is an under-barrel, single-shot, hand-fed grenadle launcher attachment designed for the M16 assault rifle. It was adopted by the ZX Clan in 2010 and is used in the army and marine corps as the standard infantry grenadier weapon.

Product InformationEdit

The M203 is an American grenade launcher attachment designed by the AAI Corporation for the M16 assault rifle. It was originally designed in 1968 and there have been no variations since. The ZX Clan uses the 1968 M203 grenade launcher for its M16A4 assault rifles.

Technical InformationEdit

The M203 grenade launcher weighs around one and a half kilograms (three pounds) while empty and is three-hundred-eighty millimetres (fifteen inches) long. The grenade launcher uses 40x46 SR 40mm grenades that are placed by hand into the barrel. The weapon has a signle-shot mechanism and is equipped with a ladder sight to place on top of the assault rifle it is attached to. The M203 grenade launcher was designed to be attached to an M16 assault rifle.

Service HistoryEdit

The ZX Clan first starting using the M203 grenade launcher attachment in 2010. It is used by the army and marine corps in infantry corps. All grenadiers use M1614 assault rifles equipped with these M203 grenade launchers. These weapons are often used as light support weapons, and not used like regular infantry weapons (rifles, machineguns, etc.). These weapons are yet to be involved in a war.

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