Master Corporal (abbreviated MCpl) is the fourth lowest rank in the ZX Clan Army. Master corporal is a NATO OR-4 rank in the army. Master corporals are usually in charge of leading Charlie fireteams in infantry, and commanding sections in armour.



In standard rifles infantry, master corporals commnand Charlie fireteams and act as the grenadier for the team usually. In rifles sections, master corporals carry assault rifles equipped with grenade launchers as grenadiers. They may also be the mortar-man of their platoon and be equipped with an L9A1 mortar cannon.

In intelligence platoons, master corporals will either wield an M82 sniper rifle (sniper section) or an AUG assault carbine (scout section). In artillery platoons, master corporals will be equipped with an M16 as their primary weapon and either carry part of a GAU-2 gatling gun (machine gun section), part of an M224 mortar cannon (mortar section), a SMAW rocket launcher (anti-tank section) or carry ammo or equipment for a ZXM34-A1 (mobile artillery section). If in a pioneering section, a master corporal will carry only his secondary weapons and grenades, but they may command their own Ford E-350 ambulance (medical section) or Dodge Sprinter (engineering section).

As for secondary weapons, master corporals will always be equipped with two M67 grenades, two M84 flashbangs and an M1911 pistol sidearm.


In armour, master corporals will be in command of their section and be the crew chief of their M1A2 Abrams, AN/TWQ-1 Avenger, AVGP Cougar, FV512 Warrior or FV432 Ambulance. Master corporals and corporals may also be in charge of support vehicles (ambulances and repair vehicles that are assigned to a platoon and not a specific section). A master corporal may also be either the loader, driver or gunner of a command tank. These command tanks will, in a platoon, contain the officer commanding and the platoon sergeant; in a company, they will either contain the officer commanding and the sergeant major, or the second in command and the quartermaster sergeant. All types of command tanks also have two other dragoons to operate the vehicles. All dragoons/cavaliers are armed with an M16A4 assault rifle and an M1911A1 pistol. Sometimes, a master corporal may carry up to two M84 and two M67 grenades, although this is less common in armour.


In training regiments, master corporals are in charge of instructing teams of six private basics each. The master corporal works directly beneath the drill instructor, who works under the officer commanding. Together, these men form a training platoon of twenty-four recruits and six trainers.


French: Caporale-chef (Chief Corporal)

German: Körperstrafen erstklassige (Corporal First Class)

Italian: Caporale di prima classe (Corporal First Class)

Irish: Ceannaire, dhá réalta (Corporal, Two Star)

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