Master Sergeant (abbreviated MSgt) is the seventh lowest rank in the ZX Clan Army. Master sergeant is a NATO OR-7 rank. Master sergeants are generally company sergeant majors and don't usually hold any other titles.



In infantry, master sergeants are usually company sergeant majors, who are in charge of the discipline and training of company members. They are also partially in charge of supplies and their distribtution. As such, the company quartermaster sergeant is usually their assistant.

As company sergeant majors, master sergeants are always armed with one M16A4 assault rifle, one M1911A1 pistol, two M67 fragmentation grenades and two M84 stun grenades. This armament does not vary even if the master sergeant is part of a support company. This is mainly due to the mix of forces in a support company.


In armoured companies, master sergeants will either be the loader, driver or gunner in an M1A2 Abrams main battle tank. The crew chief is usually the company second in command, and the other two dragoons/cavaliers will either drive the tank, load the gun or control the gun. The other tank would contain the company officer commanding, the company quartermaster sergeant and two other dragoons/cavaliers. These M1A2 Abrams tanks would never be replaced by an AN/TWQ-1 Avenger or an AVGP Cougar because of the mixed forces involved in a support company.


In training, master sergeants perform their basic duties as sergeant majors, although they act like drill instructors sometimes in addition to their regular discipline and training duties.


French: Sergent-maître (Master Sergeant)

German: Hauptfeldwebel (Sergeant Major)

Italian: Sergente maggiore capo (Chief Master Sergeant)

Irish: Sáirsint Complachta (Company Sergeant)

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