Private (abbreviated Pte) is the second lowest rank the the ZX Army and Marine Corps. Private is a NATO OR-2 rank in both the army and the marine corps. Privates do not lead any units, but will act as main infantry in fireteams.



Privates are main infantrymen and fireteam members. As a standard rifles fireteam member, a private will either be a rifleman wielding an M16A4 assault rifle, a light supportsman wielding an M27 IAR light machine gun or a light machine gunner wielding an M249 SAW light machine gun. Privates are rarely grenadiers, as this job is usually held for the fireteam commander, although they would wield an M16A4 equipped with an M203 grenade launcher if they were. Sometimes, albeit rather rarely, a private will act as a mortar-man for a platoon and provide support with a man-portable L9A1 51mm mortar cannon.

In support, privates wield different primary weapons based on their unit type. If a private is part of a sniper section, they will wield a Barrett M82A1 .50 calibre sniper rifle. If they are part of an intelligence section, they will wield a Steyr AUG A3 assault rifle. If they are part of an artillery platoon, they will wield an M16A4 along with either part of a GAU-2B/A gatling gun, a part of an M224A1 mortar cannon, a SMAW rocket launcher, or be part of a ZXM34-A1 Shade turret crew. They will not wield a standard primary weapon if they are part of a pioneering platoon.

No matter what infantry unit a private is in, one will always wield a pair of M67 fragmentation grenades, a pair of M84 stun grenades and an M1911A1 as sidearms and hand grenades.


In armour teams, privates will either act as the gunner or driver of an AN/TWQ-1 Avenger main anti-air tank or an AVGP Cougar combat support vehicle. They can be gunners, drivers or loaders on M1A2 Abrams main battle tanks. On an FV512 Warrior repair vehicle, a private may be the driver or one of six engineers. Onboard an FV432 Warrior field ambulance, a private may be the driver or one of two medics onboard.


French: Soldat de première classe (Soldier First Class)

German: Körperstrafen dritten Klasse (Corporal Third Class)

Italian: Soldato di prima classe (Soldier First Class)

Irish: Saighdiúr Singil (Single Soldier)

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