Private Basic (abbreviated PteB) is the lowest rank in the ZX Clan Army and has no insignia. Private basics do not lead any units. Private basic is a NATO OR-1 rank in the army. Private basic is a training-only rank and, as such, a private basic is never deployed on the field, but is instead assigned to a training regiment before being promoted to private and sent to the appropriate active unit.



In training, recruits are assigned to thirty-man platoons consisting of the officer commanding (a lieutenant), who is in charge of the platoon, the drill instructor (a sergeant), who is primarily in charge of training recruits, and four trainers/instructors (all master corporals), who are in charge of training and disciplining a group of six recruits. Along with these men are twenty-four recruits (all private basics), who are the men being trained. After basic training in these units, private basics are sent to specific training units (within an advanced training regiment) to train in specialized tasks like anti-tank riflemen, mortar teams, etc. Specializations are usually training company-wide.


French: Soldat de deuxième classe (Soldier Second Class)

German: Körperstrafen vierten Klasse (Corporal Fourth Class)

Italian: Soldato di seconda classe (Soldier Second Class)

Irish: Earcach (Recruit)

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