SMAW rocket launcher
An anti-tank rifleman being instructed on use of a SMAW


Anti-armour/anti-fortification rocket launcher

Place of Origin

Flag of Israel


Israel Military Industries


SMAW, SNAW II (in development)


7.69kg (Empty)




83mm rockets

Feed System

Rocket canisters

ZX Service History

2010 - present

The SMAW is a canister-fed, single-shot anti-armour/anti-fortification rocket launcher. It is used by ZX Army and Marine Corps anti-tank sections.

Product InformationEdit

The SMAW rocket launcher was developped by Israel Military Industries and is manufactured Talley Defence Systems, both Israeli companies. The SMAW was developped in 1984 and the SMAW II began development in the 2000's, and is yet to get produced. The ZX Clan utilizes the current SMAW model, which is the only developped variant.

Technical InformationEdit

The SMAW rocket launcher weighs approximately eight kilograms (seventeen pounds) and is about seven-hundred-sixty millimetres (thirty inches) long. The SMAW uses 83mm rockets that are held in detacheble one-rocket canisters placed in the back of the launcher. The rockets are launched via instant-triggered lauch systems in the rocket (a combustable fuel mix that is designed to move the rocket using explosive kinetic energy). The rocket launcher is equipped with an AN/PVS-17B night scope.

Service HistoryEdit

The ZX Clan started using SMAW rocket launchers in 2010 and still uses them today. These weapons have not been used in a war yet. The SMAW rocket launchers are used by army and marine corps anti-tank section. Each anti-tank rifleman is equipped with a SMAW, an M16A1 and an M1911A1.

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