Sergeant (abbreviated Sgt) is the fifth lowest rank in the ZX Clan Army, Air Force and Marine Corps. Sergeant is a NATO OR-5 enlisted rank. Sergeants are generally in charge of acting as the second in command and sergeant major of a platoon, usually retaining the title platoon sergeant.



In infantry, sergeants are usually platoon sergeants. Platoon sergeants act as second in commands, sergeants majors and quartermasters of their platoons. Generally, they tactically advise the officer commanding (who usually has less experience than a sergeant), and assist them in command. They also perform disciplining jobs as well as supplies and distribution jobs.

Sergeants are usually armed with a basic of of one M16A4 assault rifle, one M1911A1 pistol, two M84 stun grenades and two M67 fragmentation grenades. Usually a sergeant's armament will not change based on their platoon type, as support platoons contain two types of sections each, except for in pioneering platoons, where no one is armed with M16 assault rifles.


In a standard armoured platoon, a sergeant will act as the driver, gunner or loader in an M1A2 Abrams main battle tank, along with the officer commanding of the platoon as the crew chief, and two other dragoons/cavaliers either being drivers, gunners or loaders. Support companies work similarly, with the platoon sergeant working under the platoon officer commanding (the crew chief) as either a driver or a gunner along with another dragoon/cavalier in an AVGP Cougar combat support vehicle or an AN/TWQ-1 Avenger main anti-air tank.


In training, sergeants act as drill instructors, and are in charge of the training of the twenty-four recruits in their platoon, who are split into four groups of six and indivually commanded by master corporal (army) or corporal (marine corps) trainers. This group of instructors and recruits is commanded by a lieutenant (rarely a second lieutenant, and only a previously enlisted one at that).

Air Force RoleEdit


French: Sergent (Sergeant)

German: Feldwebel (Sergeant)

Italian: Sergente (Sergeant)

Irish: Sáirsint (Sergeant)

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