Staff Sergeant (abbreviated SSgt) is the sixth lowest rank in the ZX Clan Army and Marine Corps. Staff sergeant is a NATO OR-6 rank in both the army and marine corps. Staff sergeants are generally company quartermaster sergeants in the ZX Clan.



In infantry, staff sergeants are usually company quartermaster sergeants, who are in charge of supplies and the distribution of said supplies. These supplies range from food and water to ammunition and grenades. They also work as assistants to the company sergeant major.

Staff sergeants are always armed with an M16, an M1911, two M67 grenades, and two M84 flashbangs. Even when working in a support company, staff sergeants will be equipped with these basic armaments.


In an armoured company, staff sergeants will always be a driver, loader or gunner in an M1A2 Abrams MBT, an AN/TWQ-1 Avenger MAAT or an AVGP Cougar CSV with the officer commanding as the crew chief, and one or two two other, lower-ranking dragoons. In another M1A2, AN/TWQ-1 or AVGP will be the company second in command and the company sergeant major.


In training, staff sergeants perform their regular duties as company quartermaster sergeants, only they're responsible for the armament of recruits and instructors.


French: Sergent-chef (Cheif Sergeant)

German: Oberfeldwebel (Master Sergeant)

Italian: Sergente maggiore (Master Sergeant)

Irish: Ceathrúsháirsint Complacht (Company Quartermaster Sergeant)

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