ZX Training Vessel (MM-710)

A task group is a medium-sized naval vessel unit, and may contain mixed vessels (capitals and non-capitals). The crew varies greatly in a squadron due to the large assortment of ships, from smaller fifty-seaman submarines to massive thousand-plus seamen aircaft carriers being mixed in the same task group. Task groups are made up of multiple squadrons and flotillas.


Task groups are made up of a wide variety of ships. Task groups contain multiple (usually from two to four) squadrons and/or flotillas. A task group may contain all squadrons, all flotillas, or a mix of flotillas and squadrons. As such, a task group is fully capable of having one of every type of ship in the ZX navy. Task groups are usually led by rear admirals, who will reside on the largest or most renowned ship in the task group. The rear admiral also has control over that specific squadron or flotilla. This is similar to the commander of a flight or a squadron in the air force.


A task group may contain all squadrons, all flotillas, or a mix of squadrons and flotillas. Regardless of the type of units contained, a task group will only have two to four in most cases. Task groups, in turn, make up battle fleets, and are led by rear adminarls. Task groups are designated by a letter and a number. Although the first twenty-six made will only be labelled by letters.

Marine CompanyEdit

Commonly, marines will be aboard ships for onbaord security. The amount can vary very much, having anywhere from one platoon to a little more than a company embarked on a ship. Despite this variation, a task group will usually contain at least two battalions, with the maximum number usually being around eight battalions. Because of this, embarked marine unit on a task group is usually considered to be a brigade and will be led by a brigadier general.

ZX Clan Naval UnitsEdit

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