Warrant Officer (abbreviated WO) is the eight lowest rank in the ZX Clan Army and Marine Corps, and the seventh lowest rank in the Air Force. Warrant officer is a NATO OR-7 rank in the air force, and a NATO OR-8 rank in the army and marine corps. Warrant officers are usually battalion quartermaster sergeants.

Army/Marine Corps RoleEdit

In the infantry corps, a warrant officer will be a battalion quartermaster sergeant or quartermaster sergeant (technical). Battalion quartermaster sergeants handle supplies like food, water and ammunition amongst their battalion, although a senior battalion quartermaster sergeant may be appointed as the quartermaster sergeant for the actual regiment. A quartermaster sergeant (technical) does a similar job, only with technical equipment for the battalion. Quartermaster sergeants work as assistants for quartermasters, while technical quartermaster sergeants do the same for technical quartermasters. Warrant officers in the armour corps do the same job as in the infantry corps.

Warrant officers are usually armed with the standard M16 assault rifle, M1911 pistol, two M67 grenades and two M84 grenades.

Air Force RoleEdit

Army/Marine Corps TranslationsEdit

French: Adjudant (Ajutant)

German: Fähnrich (Ensign)

Italian: Maresciallo (Marshal)

Irish: Ceathrúsháirsint Cathláin (Battalion Quartermaster Sergeant)

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